We couldn’t have been more excited when we found out we were going to be involved in organising the annual #FB Games day 2016. Held in the urban setting of East London’s Victoria Park, guests were invited to revisit the fun and nostalgia of a primary school sports day and get involved in a host of competitive games such as dodge ball, tug of war and zorbing, all finished off with an epic multi-team relay – The sun was shining, the booze was flowing and the street food vendors were to die for, we couldn’t have asked for a better day!


Media agencies from all over London were brought together on a sunny Friday afternoon, battling it out to be the winning team – The prize?…An awesome Facebook trophy and a reason to gloat of course!

The competitiveness between the agencies was rife, but in the end it was Media Com who came out on top, winning the majority of the games and smashing it in the all-team relay, which involved an egg and spoon race, three legged race and of course the classic wheelbarrow, which once you throw alcohol in the mix was extremely entertaining to watch!



The day was a complete success, a games day with a cool festival vibe. Guests had the opportunity not only indulge in the food and booze on tap, but enjoy face painting, a host of inflatable fun – including bouncy castles, sumo wrestling and slides – and lets not forget about the bucking bronco!

We loved being involved in this event and are looking forward to working with Facebook more in the future.




Its no secret that Facebook is THE most amazing brand to work for, and the games day was another example of how Facebook inject fun and relationships into everything they do. This day was designed to create a memorable experience for key media agencies and enhance the strength of friendship and relationships, using a bit of healthy competition and lets face it, loads of fun!




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