Notion Summer Vibes Party

Notion Magazine are known for throwing some of THE most epic parties, so we couldn’t contain our excitement when we were asked to be involved in Notions first Summer Vibes party…

With performances from our cover star AlunaGeorge, Toddla T, Metronomy, Blonde, Buzzard, Matt Jam Lamont, Majestic + Ønly, Mangle E8 played host to one of the best nights this summer; amazing DJ sets, cocktails on tap, personalised GIF booths and plenty of good vibes, and we had the incredible job of transforming the underground venue of Mangle E8 in to the most incredible space!


Our first task was to come up with a concept that would dress the entire ceiling of the main room, and we couldn’t think of anything better then covering the ceiling in giant coloured balloons! This concept created a real stand out feature in the venue and completely transformed the look and feel of the space, the aesthetics of the balloons were enhanced through UV and light reflection, as the lights changed to the sounds of the DJ beats the balloons lit up…it looked so cool!


For the VIP area we changed up the style and went for a cool and sleek look and feel, in keeping with the vibe of the party but creating a separate environment for the VIP’s and talent to sip on their cocktails whilst enjoying the awesome DJ sets. Using LED light rods, a small urban area with white brick walls was transformed in to a festival of lights, with a light rod installation on the wall and light rods hanging down from the ceiling with alternating motion, it looked epic! Guests such as MIC stars Jess Woodley and Alex Mytton enjoyed the evening, along with bloggers and the rest of the fashion and music elite!


It was a night of incredible music, epic sounds and the most electric atmosphere… the venue was packed out with a queue around the corner, everyone was dancing, loving the music and loving life, it was all round good vibes…and Aluna George absolutely smashed it!


Probably one of the most fun times we had when setting up this event was when we had a paint brush in our hand and were wearing a pair of oversized overalls! As a part of the creative concept for the main room, we built artificial walls and got to splash and cover them with neon paint…we absolutely went for it and definitley showed off our artistic and expressive side, the guests were loving a little pose in front of the walls as well!

Photos by Daniel Spencer @nevernotout

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