Wilderness Arm & Hammer Apothecary
Arm & Hammer Wilderness Festival entrance to apothecary
Arm & Hammer Wilderness Festival workshop times smell touch feel
Arm & Hammer Apothecary Wilderness Festival Science experiment

In August we took a trip to Wilderness Festival in partnership with Chorus, to deliver an exciting brand activation for Arm & Hammer toothpaste. Hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, this festival provided a space for festival goers to throw open boundaries, expand horizons and revel in new experiences.

We felt this was the perfect environment for Arm & Hammer to bring their brand to life, and get consumers engaging with the A&H brand in a space where there was a natural need for the product.

The Arm & Hammer Apothecary on the main festival site, saw our A&H mad scientists create explosions, fires, and all manners of smells and colourful experiments as guests got involved in our sell out workshops, all designed around the toothpastes key ingredient baking soda.

Not only that, festival goers got a chance to experience the powers of the toothpaste first hand. At the heart of boutique camping, guests revelled in the luxury of our A&H vintage wooden brushing basins, and we didn’t forget about the general campers either, they received a special visit each morning from our lovely A&H tooth-fairies, who dropped a little gift outside their tents to help them rise and shine!

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