Goldwell Education Live

Goldwell, the global hair brand, came to us with one objective; to launch the hugely anticipated Pure Pigments.

We produced a tour around the U.K to reach multiple audiences, gaining the brand maximum exposure. Showcased by Goldwell Educators, the experience journey began with an interactive walk through, of the innovative Pure Pigments process separated into three different stages with different models. The final staging area showcased finished models where guests were talked through the process of the Pure Pigments application and it’s one of a kind ability to intensify color and light reflecting results.

The mini cinema played the Pure Pigments brand video and the interactive science area allowed for guests to discover how Pure Pigments was created and the science behind it that allows it to be so intense.

Over the four events, we exceeded the target of converting 10% of attendees to stock the Pure Pigments range in their salons. The event hashtag #purepigments trended across all social media platforms.

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