Trends for 2018 – ‘The Year of Pushing Boundaries’

As we see the events industry booming at a rapid rate year on year, we are in an extremely exciting time. Being in this fast-paced environment, it is vital that we stay ahead of our own game.

We have picked the top 4 trends that we believe are going to shape 2018.


As we can see from everything advancing around us, it is no surprise that technology is advancing the way events work and run, sometimes at a scary rate. Use this to your advantage from event management software like EventsOPS and EventGeek to the newly launched Oculus Venues, which allows users to attend an event through a VR headset. To Chatbots who provide a full range of text services including polling, surveys, live Q&A, meeting scheduling, directions, feedback, in-app messaging and more. These technologies are here to make events more accessible and to provide a seamless experience for both hosts and guests. Offering the latest technologies to your clients will set you way ahead of the game.



EXPERIENTIAL  Brands have to work harder now a days to engage their audiences, people are saturated with marketing campaigns and advertising therefor it’s harder for brands to build an emotional connection with their audiences. Experiential is how brands are breaking through this barrier. We’ve seen experiential blow up in the last few years and we are going to see brands push boundaries in 2018. To be experiential you have to think inside of the audiences thought processes, what makes them tick, what pleases them, what are they into, what will they enjoy? Once you understand them, you can build out on your ideas to create the perfect activation that will build lifelong brand advocates. YouTube in Residency demonstrated this perfectly when recently launching YouTube Music, the event was a four-day party that celebrated every part of the British music scene. Entry was free, and guests could check out more than 15 live gigs, fascinating talks from some of the biggest names in music & culture and immersive experiences designed around everything from fashion and clubbing to an iconic Camden boozer.


Food is at the heart of everyone. This year we are going to see innovation in food like never before, it is a key part of the success of an event. Ensure the caters you are working with are constantly pushing boundaries with everything from design to taste, to how it is presented so your guests are left intrigued and excited. Take inspiration from Bompass and Parr, who turned a breakfast event into something extortionary. Collaborating with Shoreditch House they produced ‘Gourmet Bathing’ a luxurious breakfast event in Shoreditch House pool. The breakfast featured a float-up bar with a merman bartender shaking morning cocktails and a wet dude competition. Guests earned themselves a specially created Gourmet Bathing swimming badge to commemorate their breakfast in the pool. Pushing the boundaries of a breakfast to new levels, an event guests will never forget.


Making each event and experience personal to each guest is a vital part of the guest’s experience. Producing an event for the mass and giving every guest a personalised experience isn’t as difficult as it first appears, Christian Dior demonstrated the perfect way to personalise each guests experience, over Christmas they offered an engraving experience at their flagship stores and when customers bought perfumes they were offered a complimentary engraving of a message of their choice on the bottle. Simple yet extremely effective. Injecting a personal touch will create talk-ability and brand advocates.

This year we are going to see some outstanding results within the industry and we are very excited to be a part of the journey.

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